Frequently Asked Questions

Hasty Parking is an online Mobile App designed to pair private parking space lessors (“Hosts”) with lessees (“Guests”). Our platform is designed to simplify the parking space rental process by allowing Hasty Parking users to easily search, secure and pay for parking spaces in minutes, convenientlyusingour Android and iOS Apps.

To reserve a parking space, click on the “BookSpace” icon. Enter either the parking space Address or Space ID Number (if you’ve rented that parking space before and want to rent it again, or if you’ve seen a parking space and noted the space number). Follow the Registration prompts and enter your payment information. You will receive a Confirmation Text which willinclude your reserved Space ID Number.

Hasty Parking accepts the following payment methods via our Payment Processor, Stripe: MC/Visa/AMEX Credit and Debit Cards. To pay for your parking space, simply enter your payment method at theprompt. Your payment method will be stored by Stripe for future parking space rentals. If your payment method expires, it will be deleted from our system and must be updated with a valid payment method prior to initiating future parking space rentals.

Hasty Parking charges each Guest and Host a fee of 7.5%, per transaction. Additional fees may apply. Additional information is available in our Payment Terms and on our Payment Processor, Stripe’s, website.

Full refunds are issued for cancellation requests made in advance of the minimum cancellation period. All cancellation fees and cut-off times are outlined in our Payment Terms. Cancellation cut off times will vary for Hourly, Daily, Weekly, and Monthly/Annual reservations. Please refer to our Payment Terms to verify the applicable minimum cancellation period for your particular reservation.

If you have a problem to report, you can either text us at: 978-635-6260,Email us at: help@hastyparking.com or use the Report-A-Problem link on our Mobile App or Site.

Yes, subject to the availability of that parking space, and provided that the parking space does not have any other pending reservation which would conflict with such extension. Reservations may be extended by a Guest any time after the initial booking (including during the existing Reservation Period) by simply logging onto ourMobile App and extending the reservation, pending availability.

To list a parking space, simply click on the “List Space” icon and follow the prompts. Hosts will be sent a FREE Space Maker, which must be placed in the parking space prior to the listing going live on our Mobile App. Once the Host receives a Space Marker, the Host should install it in the parking space in accordance with the instructions included in the packaging. After installing the Space Marker, the Host should upload a photo of the parking space with the HP Space ID Number clearly visible. Once your photo is approved, your parking space listing will go live on our system.

Once you’ve installed your Space Marker and submitted a photo for approval, your parking space will go live on our MobileApp within 24 hours.

Hosts are solely responsible for determining the best-rate for their specific parking space and should tailor the rate to correspond to the duration of their rental, whether Hourly, Daily, Weekly, or Monthly.

If a Host or Guest needs to cancel a listing or reservation, please refer to our Payment Terms for cancellation cut-off times and fees. Cancellation fees may apply to listings cancelled with Pending Reservations in queue, as well as to reservations cancelled within the minimum cancellation cut-off time of the reservation start time, as set forth in the Payment Terms.

Hosts who list their parking space(s) on our site will receive payment via ACH Credit from our Payment Processor, Stripe. Payments are queued as reservations transacted. For Hourly, Daily and Weekly reservations, most payments are accepted at the time of booking and credit is usually applied within 24 hours. For Monthly reservations or reservations made far in advance of the date on which the parking space will be rented, different terms may apply. For specific details relating to your reservation or listing, please see our Payment Terms.

A HP Space Marker is a free-standing marker used to easily identify your parking space. Each Space Marker will have a unique Space ID Number used to quickly identify your parking space. Except for Event Parking (as explained in more detail in our Event Parking FAQs), parking spaces cannot be listed on our Mobile Appwithout a Space Marker installed. If you should lose your Space Marker, your parking space will be unavailable for rental until your Space Marker is replaced.

Hosts are given a lead-time, or grace period, to book their own spaces before they become available to other users. Hosts are never charged for booking their own space. For example, for hourly spaces, hosts have a lead-time of one week, meaning that other users can only book these spaces up to oneweek in advance. The Host lead-times for different listing durations are as follows:

1 Week Hourly
2 Weeks Daily
1 Month Weekly
3 Months Monthly


A valid mobile phone number is required by each Host or Guest so that we may reach you toconfirm areservation or in the event of a cancellation, billing inquiry or emergency.

Event Parking is a service available to Hosts who wish to rent multiple parking spaces for a specific event. Event Parking is charged per event and therefore will prompt the Host to set a listing rate that would apply to the duration of the Event.

Each Event must be listed separately. Events may be specified for a number of consecutive hours or consecutive days. Hosts can list multi-day events on a per-day basis or multi-day basis by specifying the applicable time period while creating the Event listing. Similarly, if a Host has two Events occurring in a single day in the same Event Parking venue, each Event must be specifically identified and assigned a specified block of hours, as would be the case for a baseball game double-header with a day-game and evening-game, in which case each game would be considered a separate Event and require a distinct listing.

Each Event Parking venue requires one Space Marker placed at the entrance to each event butdoes not require the Host to provide clearly marked parking spaces. These Space Markers can be reused for future Events. Event Parking does require the Host or an authorized representative of the Host to be present to confirm each Guest’s reservation. Each Event Parking Guest will be sent Confirmation Number via text at the time the reservation is completed. This Confirmation Numberwill serve as Guest’s “ticket” to the Event Parking venue. Hosts (or Host’s authorized representative) must confirm each Guest’s Tickets upon arrival at the Event Parking venue.

Event Parking venues can be a designated lawn, driveway, field or any other area where multiple cars can comfortably fit.

Hosts are paid at the time Reservations are Confirmed. Daily cancellation fees and rates apply to Event Parking. Please refer to our Payment Terms &Conditions for additional information.